Sunday, May 10, 2015

Nashik Babuswami Part 3. 8 05 2015 VID 20100101 080028

Babuswami is an expert Naadi reader. Having more than 25 years of experience. He possess various types of Naadi leaves, mainly of Mahashiva maharishi. In this Naadi Lord Shiva and Parvati discuss the proceedings of a particular seeker. Babuswami possess some unique type of leaves Ati Sookshma Jeeva Naadi having length of about 4 feet! It requires two persons to hold the packet!

In this session he describes how did he get the Naadi palmleaf.

It starts with prayer by Maharishi Mahashiva.

Later he divines the replies asked by Vivek Chaudhari. They were typed and ready for reading. For that he emailed the hand written verses notebook  to some of his expert DTP writer who got it converted in typed format and the same was ready for reading.

In this segment he started to explain replies to the questions asked by Vivek Chaudhari.

You may not be Dr.But for giving advice to the common man you need to posses certificate  in Medicine branch. Get it so that there will not be any problem for your heeling abilities.

His Qs were mostly of general nature. Try to be what you are do not imitate any one. But should have dream or goal or Imagination (Image Babuswami calls)what you want to be.

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