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Von Annett Mann tells about Palm leaf Naadi predictions in India

Von Annett Mann tells about Palm leaf Naadi predictions in India in German

From: Christian Kiesl, Hundsfülling 4, 4142 Hofkirc (Linz) 26/10/2010 04:27:49
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Hello Not only life history of an individual, but also the history of the world showing the palm-leaf prophecies. See the website. Source: Thomas Ritter. / / The palm-leaf prophecies from 5000 - 7000 years were written by the Rishi (India) and where it was supposed prophecies about 500,000 individual are to be applying these prophecies (which they allegedly knew in advance who will be): This prophecy has been translated into German, and we assume that it was translated correctly and we assume that they go before 5000-7000 years, was written: The translation of a palm leaf from Thomas Ritter: On 11 Day of the ninth month of the year 2001 according to the Western calendar is itself a crime from occurring until then unknown proportions. It is (meaning North America, the territory of the United States today, specifically the city of New York - n. G. Sh.) In the main city on the eastern coast on the northern area of the western continent in place. The aim of this crime is a very large building, which is considered an important symbol of the western world. This building consists of two tall towers. These towers are of Vimanas (the ancient Indian term for aircraft, note G. Sh.) Attacked. Here are two Vimanas plunge into the towers and wreak great destruction. The towers will collapse, but not by the impact of Vimanas, but prepared and targeted by explosions inside the towers. Thousands of people are killed in these attacks. People around the world froze over before his monstrous shock of this event. But it's not too late. In the capital of the country where the crime happens (meaning Washington, n. G. Sh.), Another attack will occur. In the building of the Supreme Commander of the army of this country suggests a celestial arrow a (ancient Indian term for a rocket missile, note G. Sh.). In public, but it means that a vimana had fallen into the building, which bears the name "Five Star" (here meaning the Pentagon, note G. Sh.). This official statement is false, as is a report after a Vimana had been kidnapped by enemy fighters, but defended the crew and passengers of the Vimana together against these warriors, and the vimana brought it to crash. This vimana is shot in truth, as they are one quarter of the ruler of this country is approaching (In retrospect, this statement can be interpreted as referring to the well plane crashed near Pittsburgh, is meant, which was en route to Camp David - Note Th . R.). End of translation. Here are the detailed events of 11 September 2001 described. And one falls on it. Today's conspiracy theorists on 9 / 11 is given right there is the sense of a false statement, because these conspiracy theories hold no more detail and will also not understandable is that suggested instead of a plane a missile into the Pentagon. But in the other senses in turn raises the question? Why this conspiracy before 5000 was -? 7000 years predicted as the cause for the collapse of Wordl Trade Center and one rocket fire at the Pentagon and the downing of the aircraft United Airlines Flight 93, which are now all conspiracy theories, why were these conspiracy theories as the cause predicted? Because of the fact they correspond? But there is no conclusive evidence and is not traceable. In addition to the conspiracy theorists is not the after. We Shall lead the palm-leaf prophecies astray, so we believe that is the end of the world has not been reached, although according to palm-leaf prophecies the next 30 years of apocalyptic disasters (epidemics, plagues, wars, up to nuclear war , famines, is the disappearance of entire countries, flooding, emergence of a new country dominated ,....)? ringing in whom these signs do not have any alarm bells? You have to get the imagine: exact time + place + what happened + conspiracy theories out there really, but not as the cause in question are, at least for experts. I say, I'm no longer the slightest doubt that this world is the end - JESUS ​​IS COMING - a new world. The palm-leaf prophecies show know that I watch now movies eg 2012, the disasters of modern times concern. I say, the Rishi saw before 5000-7000's movies these days, which they accepted as fact. What is also understandable. I assume that the individual stories of a person are correct. The television, the Internet today are just as much life as eating, work, ... And therefore I can imagine that the Rishi really have the speed or simply television films seen today. Christian PS: I've heard of the palm-leaf prophecies for the first time. Now I know that I can not leave it (on the history of the world) that show a lot of detailing in particular the conspiracy really exist today. TO THE BIBLE I can RELY 100%.

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