Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life Changing Events narrated by some Naadi lovers

Dear Naadi Lover Friends.

In my book, I have narrated how the predictions and actual happenings were true, word by word, as per 9th chapter of my Agasthya Naadi predictions. Interested may read it in details in chapter No 15 to 18 in English and Chapter No. 23 to 25  in Hindi version.

Regarding Shankar Netralaya (Eye Hospital)and the Netradaan (Eye Donation)it is very solemn duty to provide as much assistance in monitory or other methods .

I remembered some cases in connection with eyesight and Shankar Netralaya In Chennai.

1) One of the members of my section in  Air Force station Tambaram office in Chennai had to rush to Shankar Netralaya for his son. The son  accidentally lost his eyesight during Diwali crackers show. While the child was under treatment, he rushed to Nadi predictions to know the predicament of his son. As told he performed the remedial measures. The hopeless case as per doctor was a success story. The child's eyesight was restored. His timely performing the remedial measures were the reason for his miraculous recovery. My colleague thanked me for nothing.

2) In another story, I happened to attend a marriage in Nashik, a year back. Some one attending the ceremony was selling some perfumes. I liked the flavour. So I managed to go to his house which was very near from Marriage hall. As I was about to leave his house, I was introduced by name. Hearing this the person caught my hand and was immensely happy. He said that he can not believe this, that Wing Commander Oak personally coming to meet him  in his house! He not only returned the money for the perfumes but narrated how hectically he was in search for me for so many years. He said it was some 10-12 years back he was to go to Shankar Netralaya with a near friend of him who lost eyesight while working in a factory. Some particle had got stuck in the side the retina. The case was very delicate. The Hospital authorities had told that chances were almost nil. While this was on, the perfumer the then co-worker of that injured person remembered an article written by me in Marathi and some controversy created by the rationalists etc.  By merely remembering the name of the place 'Tambaram' some how he found out the center and got the readings. He was told to do some remedies, for his friends eyesight. And assured him that the eyesight will be restored to that an extent that he will later forget that he lost it. As predicted, the eyesight was restored. Because of this incident he had very much faith in Naadi Predictions. His friend did not lose the employment. And is still in the same company honouring higher posts. Where as his friend changed the line and shifted to the perfumes business. All these years, he was trying to get my changing addresses due to my defense service. On this background, when I met him in his house, for him it was a very pleasant shock. Later I got the telephone number of his friend and got the story confirmed from his mouth. When contacted his friend, he could not immediately remember his hospitalisation in Shankar Netralaya years back. Only after his friends reference, he could prompt recollect the incidence. He also thanked the Naadi Maharishi.


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